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Sarah Colvin

The Rev. Sarah M. Colvin, M.D., Rector

The Rev. Sarah M. Colvin, M.D. is a second-career priest, raised up in the Diocese of Washington. She graduated from the Virginia Theological Seminary (Master of Divinity) and was ordained in 2014. Prior to her call as Rector at the Church of the Holy Spirit, Sarah served as Rector from 2016-2018 at St. Patrick’s–Falls Church, VA, an Anglo-Vietnamese church in suburban Washington DC. From 2014-16, she served as Priest Associate at St. Paul’s Memorial Church, Charlottesville, while completing her Master of Arts in Ethics within the Religious Studies program at the University of Virginia.

Before receiving her call to the priesthood, Sarah had a challenging and fulfilling career in medicine (neuropathology and forensic pathology). She served for many years as a physician in the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner for the District of Columbia, where she worked closely with families who had lost loved ones in the most grievous circumstances.

Sarah has an adult son and daughter, who live in Philadelphia and Winston Salem respectively, and two dogs— Shiphrah, a 4-year-old Chesapeake Bay retriever and Dylan, an almost 4-year-old hound mutt.

Erin Durrett

Erin Durret, Director of Music Ministries

Singing in churches of many different denominations during her childhood led Erin to become a liturgical musician, psalmist, and cantor in the Episcopal, Roman Catholic and Buddhist traditions with a fascination for vocal music in human history and prehistory. Currently Director of Music Ministries at Church of the Holy Spirit she also composes and sings for the Puget Sound Zen Center and acts as a song-holder for the people of Vashon and their indigenous neighbors. Active on many fronts she teaches near-shore ecology, advocates for the homeless and refugees, and provides free music and art workshops for low-income children.

Erin studied Early European Humanities at the University of Washington and the Early Music Institute at University of British Columbia, cantorial skills and psalmody at St. James Cathedral in Seattle and now teaches workshops on Chant as Spiritual Practice, The Harmony of the Spheres, Gregorian Chant, Celtic Spirituality, Chants of the Divine Masculine/Feminine, and the music and medicine of Hildegard Von Bingen with her friend, herbalist Jane Valencia.


Linda Deibel, Office Manager

Linda has served as church secretary at Church of the Holy Spirit since July 2015.

Linda has lived on the island for over 50 years, is a mother of three sons and a grandmother of five rambunctious treasures.

Before coming to Church of the Holy Spirit, Linda worked as a Pharmacy Technician at Vashon Pharmacy.

Linda enjoys spending time with her husband, Jay (of 40 years) and her two dogs, Tink and Tuki.

She also enjoys gardening, beading, and most of all, spoiling her grandchildren.

Laura Cerven(1)
Laura Cerven, Accompanist

Laura is a musician, translator (French), teacher and caregiver. As a musician, she specializes in playing piano, and also plays organ and keyboard, sings, conducts, composes and arranges music of many genres.

Vestry Members

The Vestry is the decision-making body of an Episcopalian parish. Each Vestry member acts as a liaison to a committee or ministry focus.

Vestry 2020- Kay Pieringer

Kay Pieringer: Rector’s\Senior Warden

Jack Stewart20190804_122707 (002)

Jack Stewart: People’s Warden (our Listener-in-Chief)

Vestry 2020 Anna Swain

Anna Swain

Vestry 2021 Bob Hawkins

Bob Hawkins

Vestry 2020 Kathy Swinehart

Kathy Swinehart

Vestry 2020- Rick Edwards

Rick Edwards

Vestry 2021 Robert Wright

Robert Wright

Vestry 2020 Sandy Brown, treasurer (1)

Treasurer: Sandy Brown

Vestry 2020- clerk, Kit Bean

Vestry Clerk: Kit Bean