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We are now able to have worship in person! Please join us at 8 AM or 9:30 AM, for Holy Eucharist Rite I (8 am) and Holy Eucharist Rite II (9:30 am) service each Sunday, as well as online at Facebook Live, at the link below:

Services are about an hour in length as well as the online Facebook service at 9:30.

Please join us for worship and fellowship!

For any seasonal liturgies, please see the home page.

Contact office@holyspiritvashon.org with questions about accessing our worship services through Facebook.

Past Sermons

Epiphany 3, 1-22,2023

RCL A 1-22-23, Holy Spirit, Vashon, Evan Graham Clendenin 17 For Christ did not send me to baptize but to proclaim the gospel, and not with eloquent wisdom, so that the cross of Christ might not be emptied of its power. In Christ crucified, we come into contact with the living power of God. We come into contact with a desire of God to meet us collectively where we are at, and awaken in us the loving, generative energies put there to begin with. We come into contact with power, a gentle, patient, compassionate power. A medieval Anglo-Saxon poem, “The Dream of the Rood” envisions this coming into contact with Christ crucified from the perspective of the tree that was made into the cross. A poet and faithful pilgrim dreamt of this tree. The tree, cut down before its time, grieves its role in the crucifixion, descends with Christ. But that’s…

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Epiphany 2, 1-15,2023

The Rev. Evan Graham Clendenin, Church of the Holy Spirit, Vashon   Many of you at CHS have been enjoying your Wednesday night gathering for fellowship and learning. I haven’t been able to join you so far given the gift of limits on my time, but I’ve been curious, and quite pleased with the readings and topics. It sounds like you get to the heart of good theological questions and spiritual experience. How was the conversation this past week? As you listen and speak and wonder together, what callings in to deeper, more grounded life with God are you hearing? Since you were discussing the topic of wonder this week, I’d thought I’d add a dish to the fellowship table. “When wonder becomes a fundamental attitude of our spirit it will confer a religious character to our whole life, because it makes us live with the consciousness of being plunged…

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The Baptism of Our Lord

Holy Spirit, Vashon, The Rev. Evan G Clendenin, January 8, 2023 I went for several walks around the land where my parents live this past week. Among this things I noticed was how slowly things seems to change in the forest. Yes, there are definitely some trees that my dad, or I, mostly my dad, had planted which are 4 times the size they once were. But the red maples still look like they did ten years ago. The deer still seem to follow usual deer thoroughfares. The bee trees are maybe a little more rotted out. The scars from where skid trails cut deeply into the wet earth during some poorly done logging are still scars, without much new growth. But I felt okay with this all in a way that other times I wouldn’t have. Let things be I heard. Let things be…well, wouldn’t it be a great…

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Advent 4, 12-18-22, The Rev Evan Clendenin

What ways has God gotten your attention? A good book? A scripture? A dream? An illness? A natural wonder?  a heartfelt and truthful conversation? In the readings for today we encounter several more evident ways that God gets the attention of human beings. When their minds are made up, and pieties tidy, God appears to shepherd them, with gentle firmness, toward actions truer and more loving than they had previously imagined possible. The passage from Isaiah shows us how God speaks to a King, an important and powerful person, with a self-image to fit. God has his work cut out in trying to get around this “type-A” ego. He is someone who knows he is in charge and doesn’t wait around to find out what is going to happen. He’ll make it happen! Isaiah prophesies, bears a message of God’s word to Ahaz amidst a tense and threatening political and…

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Advent 3, The Rev. Evan Clendenin

An important spiritual effort for me the past few winters has been to maintain my lawnmower or learn better to do so. Patience. I have a gas-powered lawnmower; I don’t water the lawn, I mow every 1-2 weeks, and not at all when the grass has stopped growing. I don’t bag the clippings, I don’t water the lawn. Here west of the cascades the grass seems very happy to grow lush with the rain, grow crackly dry and go dormant for three months, and then green up again after the first good fall rain. That’s my larger pattern of lawn care, which other people taught me, and I probably inherited from my father and his father too, It’s at least carbon neutral, if not better, even with the petrol burner. So, I keep the old gas mower around. But I really didn’t know how engines worked. So, I’ve set about…

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The First Sunday in Advent

Sermon for 11-27-2022, 1st Advent, The Rev. Evan Graham Clendenin   For as the days of Noah were, so will be the coming of the Son of Man. For as in those days before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day Noah entered the ark, and they knew nothing until the flood came and swept them all away, so too will be the coming of the Son of Man. What sort of time do we live in now? Well, the disciples with Jesus were living in a time of expectation, the arrival of some person, some power, some reign we might call messianic, the son of Man as Jesus says. It may be that they expect, that they actively hope for what will settle intractable disputes, pacify struggles, purify and enrich and hallow the ground, feed the hungry, wipe every tear from…

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