You Are Welcome At This House

We, the Episcopal Church of the Holy Spirit, welcome you to our open, inclusive, affirming community of Christian spiritual seekers and believers.

We are open for in person worship at 9:30 AM, please bring your contact tracing form. All are welcome!

The service can also be viewed live through our Facebook page. Contact with questions about accessing our worship services through Facebook.

Wherever you are on your journey, we are here to support you. Our parish is made up of individuals who come from a variety of religious traditions, including Episcopal, Catholic, various Protestant denominations, Buddhist, Spiritual-not-Religious, and “none of the above.” The Episcopal Way is defined by Scripture, Tradition, and Reason, with a tolerance for mystery, questioning, action, and personal search. We affirm each member of the parish in their own journey toward a deeper spiritual life.

We are drawn together by


Our shared commitment to the teachings of Jesus


Our concern for the welfare of the members of our island home and the world


A love for the spiritual gateways of beauty, nature, music, the arts, and good dialogue

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Our interest in the Episcopal liturgical tradition as a gateway to open our hearts to God


Our mission is to worship God and grow as a loving community of Christians by following Jesus Christ. Our commitment is to reach out, welcome, support and care for all as an extended family, so that the quality of our life together on Vashon Island will reflect God’s care and love for the world.

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