8 o’clock Worship Service Returns

Church of the Holy Spirit, Holy Eucharist Rite One, Ordinary Time, 2021

Beginning on August 15, 2021, we will start having two services on a Sunday at CHS.  We will ramp up the 8 o’clock, Rite 1 service.  At least for now, it will not have music. As we have come back to church in person with the state has reopening, it has been lovely to have both services at the same time.  There is a fullness in worship that we all have missed for quite some time, even before the pandemic.  However, even with us wearing masks, in the face of the delta variant (and who knows whatever other variant is coming down the pike), I just feel like we should reinstate the early service, just to have a few less people in the sanctuary for both services.    There is no guarantee that will be able to remain open for services.  At least at this point, we know how to pivot and switch to services solely on-line.   Still there are people in the 8 o’clock service who have not yet, but plan on returning.  If we have to curtail service again, it would be good to allow these people to have communion a few times before that happens.

If crowds still make you nervous, feel free to come to the 8 o’clock service, there will be far less people.  The rite 2 service will stay at 9:30 for now.  There should be enough time to get all the on-line stuff set up before our 9:30 service, in parallel with the Facebook Live.

blessed be,