What Do You Seek?

If you are longing for a deeper connection to God, we welcome you. If you are seeking to be a part of a Christian faith community which welcomes you no matter where you are on your spiritual journey — welcome. If you are hungry both to be both nurtured and challenged in your spiritual practice — welcome. If you hope to express in a loving community your vocation in the world — welcome. You will find a home at Church of the Holy Spirit.

We invite you to worship with us. We are a parish deeply committed to worship that is meaningful, beautiful, and grounding. People leave our Sunday Eucharist in a different place than they were when they walked in: renewed in their faith, reconnected in their hearts to God, smiling, laughing, linked to others, hopeful for the week ahead.

We invite you to fellowship, wherever you are on your spiritual journey. We respect all paths in the search for meaning and the Divine. And we respect who you are, whatever your racial or cultural background, sexual orientation or family arrangement, level of wealth or education, Islander or not. No matter how you might see yourself today, we see you as an expression of God, worthy of His love and ours.

We are a friendly bunch, but we also respect your space. If you are merely curious about this church and would rather be left alone, you will not be hounded. If you are ready to jump into community life, there is much to do and to join. No doubt, you will see people you know from other areas of Island life. Some may have been here for decades, some a matter of months. But they are all here because Church of the Holy Spirit feeds their spirit in some way.

We invite you to commune with the Sacred in this place. Church of the Holy Spirit is located on Vashon Highway, about a mile north of Vashon town. Our parking lot is a county Park ‘n’ Ride (or “Park ‘n’ Pray” as some have said), a place of pause between work and home. Our memorial garden, meditation trail, and labyrinth are green and still, beckoning you to cross the threshold into the sacred space that is the world of nature. In the song of birds and the wind whispering through our cedars and sequoias, God’s voice can be heard, along with God’s power flowing through our own physical being as we walk in his world.

Our indoor sacred space centers on a floor-to ceiling-window looking out toward both the still green of our grounds and the busy highway, very near. At the center of our sanctuary is a large wooden cross, always illuminated and particularly striking at night. For us, the cross of Christ is a sign of life and hope, and God’s unwavering love for us and all creation.

May you experience in our parish a chance both to seek God, and also to give thanks for the ways God is already being revealed to you, in the life you are living each day. In just that sense, each Sunday, we are all celebrants of the Holy Eucharist: we give thanks and praise to God.

We welcome you to Church of the Holy Spirit!

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