Little Free Library

THANK YOU to all who contributed–both financially and with book suggestions–to the Pequeña Biblioteca Gratuita/Little Free Library. Because of your generosity, we have donated over 30 children’s books to the library. Among them are old favorites, such as Charlotte’s Web/La telaraña de Carlota and The Little Prince/El principito, as well as “new” favorites, such as Red Hat Green Hat/Sombrero rojo sombrero verde and Knuffle Bunny/El conejito Knuffle. It has been especially gratifying to share with Spanish-speaking families the books we English-speaking Islanders have enjoyed with our children and grandchildren.

We the Outreach committee, are in the process of preparing future orders, which will include children’s books based on Latin American culture, as well as more books that we have found to be popular with our families. So please feel free to continue offering your suggestions to Lin Holley, sponsor of the project, or to any of us members of the Outreach Committee. And the next time you are in town, do stop by and take a look at our beautiful new Little Library!