Festive Thanksgiving donation to the Vashon Food Bank

Festive Thanksgiving donation to the Vashon Food Bank: 
Like so many eating places, CHS’ Wednesday Night Dinner was shuttered during Covid. Yet CHS’s good parishioners continued to save their grocery receipts while our kitchen remained closed, and we built up a nice nest egg in our outreach bank account. Learning about the availability of these funds, Lin Holley of the Outreach Committee last Sunday morning suggested donating turkeys to the Food Bank for Thanksgiving. By good fortune Leslie Hauk, volunteer coordinator at the Food Bank, was at church and explained that the Food Bank really needed Mandarin oranges and butter, specialty items that needed no cooking or refrigeration for those clients without stoves and refrigerators. So last Monday morning Melania Weller and Kit Bean drove to the Business Costco in Fife and loaded into the back of their Subaru enough boxes of Mandarin oranges and butter to serve 300 people. (Butter is now a luxury item that the Food Bank has not offered recently.) Even if our grocery receipts are not funding dinners right now, they are still helping to feed our Vashon neighbors.

Thank you letter from Food Bank
Thank you for your generous donation of 300 mandarin oranges and 50 pounds of butter!!
Our customers will have those 2 items to choose from on the shopping list for the Thanksgiving holiday!
Please find attached a photo of Melania and Kit in our walk-in fridge with the donated mandarin oranges!

Leslie Hauck
Volunteer Program Manager
Vashon Maury Community Food Bank