Hi friends in Christ.

It would be wonderful if you would consider joining Rachel Strasz and me as participants in the next Education for Ministry (EfM) classes that will be starting up in September. I have included the link for you to see more information and give you insights on this fulfilling deep dive study into the Old and New Testaments. See what you think. Rachel and I have joined in with a group at St. Andrews Episcopal Church at 85th and Aurora. This past year all classes were held by zoom. Next year we hope to have a combination of in person and zoom meetings. Don’t let the travel put you off. On the in-person days, we can carpool and get a quick bite to eat before the class that starts at 6:30 PM. If you have questions talk to Rachel and me. Ann Saunderson and Marjorie Cornell have previously completed the class and they will be glad to answer your questions as well.

Let’s do it!

Rick Edwards