A message from Rector’s Warden, Kay Pieringer

Greetings, Church of the Holy Spirit. We welcome a new voice in the Warden’s Corner.

My name is Kay Pieringer and I am honored to be the new Rector’s Warden for 2021.

I want to thank Anna Swain & John Bean for being such great role models. It is much comfort to know that they are still around for advice and consultation!

Being formerly a Texas girl, I always thought it was wishful thinking or a myth when people told me that spring started in February in the Pacific Northwest. Isn’t February deep winter? Now that I am planted firmly on Vashon Island I can see with my own eyes and in my own garden that spring really is beginning to ~~ um, spring! Fragrant daphne is blooming along with a few brave crocuses. Signs of life are appearing on trees and rose bushes and green shoots of bulbs are peeking out of the ground. I hope we all take time to observe these small miracles and be grateful to God for their beauty and for the hope that they inspire. In so many ways we seem to be coming out of the dark times and into the light ~~ literally and figuratively. And ever hopeful!

As spring arrives that also means that we are moving into the Lenten season of the Christian year beginning with our Ash Wednesday service by Facebook Live on Wednesday, February 17 at 7:00pm. Ashes will be available at the church for self-imposing at home during the service if you wish to do so.

After the service is concluded, you are all invited to join the conversation at The Gathering (formerly known as Religious Exploration or RE) where we will be sharing ideas for spiritual practices which will enhance our experience of a Holy Lent.

Join us at the Ash Wednesday service on our Facebook page and contact the church office to get the Zoom link for The Gathering.

This IS your fellowship hour following the worship service. 🙂

I hope to see you there!

God’s peace,