A Covenant to Root Out Racism, Kay Pieringer

Anti-black racism ~~ anti-Asian racism ~~ hordes of desperate foreign families at the southern border of the United States

What do they have to do with us here on Vashon Island?

What do we have to do with them?

It is too easy to tell ourselves that there’s not much we can do here on our isolated little island. But is this just a cop-out?

During the month of April our conversation at The Gathering will focus on racism ~~ the part we play in the problem, what we might be able to do about it and how we might change our behaviors in keeping with our promises to God.

On Wednesday, April 7 we will discuss an opinion article from The New York Times titled “The Unsettling Power of Easter” by Esau McCaulley.
It is half-sermon and half op-ed piece, exploring the meaning of Easter from the perspective of the Black church.

On Wednesday, April 21 we will examine and discuss the Anti-Racism Covenant which was overwhelmingly passed at the Diocesan Convention of the Diocese of Olympia last October and signed by Bishop Rickel.

The Covenant consists of a series of laments for past failures of the Church and its people followed by a series of covenants or promises for correcting our behaviors and amending “our lives to more fully reflect God’s dream of Beloved Community.”

If you would like to access the Covenant, you can find it at:

A Covenant to Root Out Racism

If you have not yet participated in the zoom meetings of The Gathering, we invite you to join us for this important conversation.

Contact the Church office or email jbean@seattleu.edu to get on the mailing list and receive the zoom link for The Gathering.

I hope you will join us!